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Gas Sensor Transmitter

Product Image (MC2-X-S2125-X)

Ammonia Sensor Transmitter

Ammonia is a Toxic, colorless and pungent smelling gas which affect living bodies, to stop any hazardous and panic incident we must use Ammonia Gas Leak Detection – Ammonia Sensor Transmitter in the area where ammonia gas or gas container present. Exposure to high concentrations of ammonia in the air causes immediate burning of the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory tract and can result in blindness, lung damage or death. Inhalation of lower concentrations can cause coughing, and nose and throat irritation to stop all these panic incident we need to use Ammonia Detector Transmitter in the place where there is a chance of leakage of NH3 ammonia gas.

Product Image (MC2- X-S2061-01-A)

R-32 Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector Transmitter

The sensor unit MC2 houses a module with µController, analog output and power supply in addition to the semiconductor sensor element including amplifier. The µController calculates a linear 4 – 20 mA (or 2 – 10 V) signal out of the measurement signal of the sensor and also stores all relevant measured values and data of the sensor element. Calibration is done either by simply replacing the sensor unit or by using the comfortable, integrated calibration routine directly at the system.

Product Image (MC2-D-E1195-A-3-0 )

Oxygen Sensor Transmitter

Digital measurement value processing incl. temperature compensation Internal function control with integrated hardware watchdog Data / measured values in µC of the sensor unit, therefore simple exchange uncalibrated <> calibrated High accuracy, selectivity and reliability Low zero point drift Long sensor life time Hardware & software according to SIL2 compliant development process Easy maintenance and calibration by exchange of the sensor unit or by comfortable on-site calibration 4 – 20 mA (or 2 – 10 V) analog output with selectable signal output for special mode, fault etc. Reverse polarity protected, overload and short-circuit proof Housing for integration of the sensor unit IP 65 version